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A Spirited Convergence: Reflections From Our First Pop-Up Event in London

Our first pop-up event in London, hosted by Black Market Place UK at Rich Mix in Shoreditch, was a remarkable success. The three-day event drew an enthusiastic crowd, predominantly rum drinkers, but our Zimasa Vodka still captured significant interest and sales.

 A Cultural Fusion

Rich Mix, a vibrant cultural hub in Shoreditch, set the perfect stage for our debut. Known for its eclectic mix of live music, panel talks, and art exhibitions, Rich Mix attracts a diverse audience eager to explore new experiences. The pop-up event featured a variety of vendors showcasing unique offerings, from beautiful paintings and handmade creams to Ankara apparel and bespoke crafts.


Engaging the Crowd

Despite the strong presence of rum connoisseurs, our team at Zimasa Vodka was delighted to see many attendees eager to sample and purchase our unique spirit. Our award-winning vodka, crafted from English grain and Welsh water with a touch of Masau fruit from Zimbabwe, intrigued visitors and led to numerous sales. Engaging with customers, sharing our story, and receiving positive feedback was incredibly rewarding.

Community and Collaboration

The event wasn't just about sales; it celebrated community and collaboration. We connected with other local businesses, forging new partnerships and exchanging ideas. The synergy between different vendors created a lively atmosphere, where visitors could indulge in various sensory experiences, from tasting fine spirits to admiring exquisite art.

Reflecting on our first pop-up event, we are filled with gratitude and excitement. The positive reception encourages us to participate in more such events, further promoting Zimasa Vodka and supporting our community of artisans and entrepreneurs. We look forward to future opportunities to share our passion and products with a wider audience.

  • Footfall: High engagement from a diverse crowd, predominantly rum drinkers.

  • Sales: Strong sales of Zimasa Vodka, despite the crowd’s initial preference for rum.

  • Vendors: A mix of businesses selling paintings, handmade creams and lotions, Ankara apparel, and more.

  • Location: Rich Mix, Shoreditch, a dynamic cultural venue.

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