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The Story of Masau Fruit: A Taste of Zimbabwean Tradition in Zimasa Vodka!

At Zimasa Vodka, we pride ourselves on crafting a unique African vodka that celebrates the rich heritage of Zimbabwe. The secret behind our distinctive flavour lies in the Masau fruit, a small but potent fruit in the Zambezi Valley of Zimbabwe. This fruit is the heart and soul of our Zimbabwean vodka, infusing each bottle with a taste of tradition and authenticity.

Foraging and Sustainability

The Masau fruit is foraged by the indigenous people of Zimbabwe, who have deep knowledge of the land and its resources. These fruits grow naturally in the wild, without any human intervention. The trees are not watered or tended to; they thrive solely on natural rainfall. Human input begins at the harvesting stage, ensuring minimal environmental disruption and fostering a sustainable relationship with nature. We have established agreements with local communities to purchase a proportion of the foraged fruit each year. This practice ensures a sustainable income for these communities and supports their traditional way of life.

Agroforestry and Community Spirit

The Ziziphus Mauritania tree, which produces the Masau fruits, is integral to agroforestry systems. These systems boost production, positively affect micro-climates, minimize soil degradation, restore soil fertility, and diversify income opportunities. The community spirit of foraging and sustainable practices is at the heart of our production process.

From Harvest to Distillation

Once harvested, the Masau fruits are sun-dried to preserve their unique flavour.. After drying, the fruits are carefully packaged and stored in a local warehouse until they are ready to be dispatched to the United Kingdom.

At the 17th Century Hensol Castle Distillery, our Master Distiller Dai Wakely hand-crafts Zimasa Vodka in small batches. The Zimbabwean Masau fruits are distilled a minimum of six times to enhance the flavour, revealing distinct notes of dry apple and plum. This process, created by Dai Wakely, ensures each bottle of our exotic vodka meets the highest standard of quality.

Zimasa Vodka is not just a drink; it's a celebration of Zimbabwean culture and heritage. Each bottle tells the story of the Masau fruit and the people who bring it to life. Enjoy a sip of our premium African vodka and experience the unique flavours of Zimbabwe.

Stay tuned for more stories regarding our sustainable African Vodka or get your taste of it here!

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